Friday, November 11, 2011

Life through Chakra Colored Glasses

"Emotional Healing" 

When I began learning about the energy field in the 1990's, it was like discovering a magic tool I could use to feel better, heal, grow and tap more clearly into the mystical realms which I'd always felt connected. My fascination with energy, healing & intuition ever since I was a toddler, was affirmed and had a clear outlet to explore, learn & play. 'Wow, you mean, people actually teach this and do this! And I can learn & play with you? Cool!' As I continued down this path, I eventually found myself working with my own energy in a very self healing way. Read on and I'll share that process with you so you can do it for yourself too.

Energy actually kind of IS a magic tool. The fact that you can explore & mold your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental experience through energy is pretty amazing, don't you think? The chakras have become my buddies. I turn to them for information, guidance and healing both for myself and with my clients. Each chakra has it's own personality, and as you learn about them you can see life through chakra colored glasses and access transfomative healing & insight.

I had a client who was feeling frustrated and wanting to live more of her life's purpose. As I connected in with her, I could see that her energy field needed some good clearing, Root chakra could use some strengthening, and 2nd chakra was a bit 'stuck'. Energy medicine came through for her during the session and her chakras gave me information for her about contributing factors and what actions would bring them & her issue into better flow, well-being and expression.

You can also do this for yourself as well. Let's say you are having an issue with a relationship. When you know about the nature of the chakras, what you will do is check in with each one to assist you. You'll bring your awareness to your ROOT and ask....'am I feeling safe?'...then to the 2nd: 'Am I giving too much? Is this relationship in balance?" or simply ask each chakra, "What is it I need?". The answers you receive will provide valuable information for you and how to move forward. ♡

Try this process next time you are needing some healing, transformation or clarity:

1. Ask, "What am I feeling?" and "Where do I feel this in my body?"
2. Bring your awareness to your higher power, Source, Guides..whatever fits for you.
3. Allow this higher source to communicate to you through your energy field by connecting and listening to each chakra. Begin at your Root Chakra and move up, asking each one,  'What is it I need?", "Do you have a message for me about what is going on and what I need right now?" Just listen and write down what you get. If you don't get a message from a particular chakra, then move on to the next.

Those who are familiar with the chakras, usually receive & understand their messages more clearly. Give this a try, and let me know how it goes.. would love if you shared your experience by posting it below.

with joy,

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