Sunday, June 3, 2012

One tip for each chakra

Here is one thing you can do for each chakra to strengthen, clear and support:

Root Chakra:  connect with a group of people you enjoy (or might enjoy) by taking a class, going to yoga, having a pot luck, or going to a concert/performance.

Second Chakra: create something - draw, write, bake a cake and decorate it, draw in the dirt/sand, build a sand castle, play!

Third Chakra: meditate to clear mental clutter and re-center into your Self.

Heart Chakra: give a donation or offer a random act of kindness.

Throat Chakra: sing!

Third Eye Chakra: go outside at night, look at the stars and notice how your senses are different than in daylight.

Crown Chakra: pray- pray and connect to whatever Higher Source means for you.

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