Friday, November 8, 2013

Just as physical death brings a transition from this realm to a higher vibrating realm, so does the death of a draining/hindering/stagnating,  belief/pattern/relationship also allow us to enter a new higher vibration of experience and possibility.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The River ~ John O'Donohue

"A river blends music of movement with an enduring and accompanying depth of stillness. Again its journey is always out of silence, and this silence dwells deep in the river too. If only our lives could achieve, or indeed allow, such grace and elegance. If we could but find a rhythm of being which could balance a contemplative grace, a poetry of motion and an accompanying stillness and silence, our pilgrimage through this world would flow in beauty through the most ragged and forsaken heartlands of confusion and dishevelment. It would continue to hold a clear flow-line between the memory and depth of the earth and the eternal fluency of the ocean and never lose the passion of flowing towards the ever new promise of the future.

Though a river maintains a line of direction, it somehow turns still, fixed space into the embrace of a flowing circle of presence. It gives itself to the urgency of becoming but never at the cost of disowning its origin. It engages the world while belonging always secretly within its memory and still strives forward into the endless flow of emerging possibility. " from Divine Beauty by John O'Donohue

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The ability to receive love seems to be a much larger obstacle within many people than has been acknowledged. Most people I've encountered, including myself, don't have real love and intimacy until they are truly open to receiving it. Until that time, they consciously or unconsciously choose partners not capable of intimacy, not available in some way, or they themselves push love away or sabatoge it in some way.

Being able to receive love involves being in good relationship with the love that you are. When this is present, compassion, patience and empathy are available. These are crucial facilitators of love. They help create real pathways from that which might be destructive to love to that which takes those very same pitfalls and alchemizes them into deeper love, real love and intimacy.
There's what people SAY, what they DO, the ENERGY you sense, and the CONGRUENCY between all these.
Life is like a coloring book. How will you fill in the page you are given today?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Keep breathing. Becoming & unbecoming, opening & surrendering, deepening, getting clearer, embracing, loving, allowing. We create our life, but it also guides & creates us if we listen reverently.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Creativity & Your Level of Confidence

I talk about this a lot, that when you create something a part of your energy is actually in that thing you've created and reflecting yourSelf back to you. Whether you are writing, singing, painting, drawing, making jewelry, dancing, decorating the living room or cooking, the outcome is a creation that is energetically unique to you!

Sometimes we loose track of who we are, what our own energy feels like, what is truly 'us' vs others. Creating can really really help bring you back to center, to your self knowing and even strengthen your own personal energy field.

Now I know what I'm about to say might not hold true to some of you, but I will address that in a minute. I know many of you have created art, or writing or some other form of expression and stepped back and thought, "Wow, I did that? It's pretty cool." This is a powerful experience, one that can boost self confidence (which is why I think art classes for kids is so so so very important!), and even reflect back to you new expanded consciousness of yourSelf and possibly even mystical insights.

For those of you who may be saying, "I try, but I'm just not creative and I never like what I create."  Seeing what we like about our creative work takes practice, and is an act of self acceptance & love. When I paint, I am constantly looking for what's working, what's going on on the canvas that I like, and I build on those things.  If I focused on what I didn't like it would be hard to birth the piece. [Sounds like a Life lesson doesn't it? It is!] Another thing I would say to you, is keep looking for the creative expression that you enjoy. You might not like what you paint, but you might end up loving your pottery, or poetry, or cupcakes.

Take some time this next week to think about your creativity. If you could use a confidence booster, explore creative expression as a means to experience that. If it pleases you, I have several Art Rituals available to guide you, as well as "Create a Vision Pot": You can find those HERE.

You are creative, everyone is a creative being. And just like what you create has a part of your energy in it, you have a part of whatever created you, including the Divine, within you.
 joy & inspiration,

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finding Sacred Center, Peace, Wholeness & Relaxation

Today feels like a good day to just connect with you in a quiet peaceful way. There are so very many options, tools, voices and choices available to us these days. Sometimes it is very very good to just let go, relax and feel the wholeness of yourself and your life right now in this moment.

I want to tell you that everything is just ok as it is in this moment. What you are doing is enough. Who you are is enough. Simpicity can be profound and powerful. Relaxed & Present is where to start and then return to again and again. Breathe, let go, expand, connect. Be Zen, finding the beauty and chi in each daily task and encounter.

Is there an area where you have been striving, pushing, feeling overwhelmed? That is where you need to just let go right now. Let go. Once you let go, you can get clearer about what's at the core that you are seeking, wanting or needing. Then feel for the most simple direct way out or to that. Often it involves letting go of the strive & push and recalibrating your energy & focus to the simpler, smoother path. Where the path is smooth, the chi is stronger and clearer.

When I'm in a time of overwhelm, stress, heartache or other challenge, I use this mantra: "This is but a moment in time."  This provides a relaxation rsponse and ability to shift into a different inner space.

We live in an amazing time and place. Nurture peacefulness by embracing and standing in wholeness with dichotomies. This will help you stay connected to your sacred center and The Sacred Center.

lots of love,

"The inborn Thou is realised in the lived relations with that which meets it." ~Martin Buber, I & Thou

"The Thou meets me through grace- it is not found by seeking....All real living is meeting." ~ Martin Buber, I & Thou

"The real trick to life is not to be in the know,but to be in the mystery."~from the movie What the Bleep

"Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future, therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself. If you do, it will take you where you need to go, but more important it will teach you a kindness of rhythm in your journey." ~John O'Donohue

"One of the tasks of true friendship is to listen compassionately and creatively to the hidden silences. Often secrets are not revealed in words, they lie concealed in the silence between the words or in the depth of what is unsayable between two people." ~John O'Donohue

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Authenticity in Business, Work and Life

Listen Instead:

Authenticity or genuineness has been a long time favorite topic of mine, and in the past few years I've had a particularly interesting journey around this theme as it specifically expresses in work and business. It all began with a curiousity on how to improve my business and a 2 year self guided immersion into spiritual business webinars and marketing tips. Although I did gather some useful information, I found myself feeling a bit 'off ' as I applied some of the advice.  As I navigated this experience, I wondered if I felt off  because I was stretching into new healthy dimensions or was it because I wasn't being true to who I am.

Those of you who have been with me for awhile likely bore witness to some of this process. You may have noticed my approach changing slightly, alterations in my pricing (more than once), new programs being birthed, and shifts in my service listings. You may have noticed things come and go, such as the Energy Gift Spirit Circle, and the Weekly Guided Message. Thank you so much for bearing with me during this time of feeling my way into what truly feels right for me and authentic within the context of my work, offerings and relationship with you. And truth is, I'm always learning, growing and digging deeper into myself, so change will always be a part of my life and work. And this means sometimes I'll give something a try that ends up being fabulous and other times something might turn out to be not so fabulous or just not the best use of my energy and gifts.

During my 'marketing makeover', some of my inner talk looked something like this: "I need to be more exciting and dynamic when I talk!", "I'm too shy, too quiet.", "I need to use language that addresses a larger audience.", "I'm not doing enough; I need to send out newsletters once a week.", "I need to advertise my services and products using the language formula modeled by the marketing gurus."  Well, after some time in this business immersion, I came to realize that a lot of it just didn't feel like 'me', and that aligning everything I do with 'me' (or Spirit through me) is really important.  This realization came from both an inward felt experience and an outward observation of how turned off I was by much of the current cookie cutter strategies, presentational styles and prescriptions for success.  I personally found that they left me feeling disconnected and missing the real authentic unique person (both as the receiver of or creator of such marketing). John O'Donohue in Anam Cara speaks of the modern age of "neon spirituality", and that's how this sort of business approach was feeling to me, very 'neon' and I began to really miss and long for the beauty of subtlety, mystery, quietness and depth. 

As I sit here now, I am grateful for this journey.  Yes, I did gather some helpful ideas and skills. I did stretch myself in healthy ways. But I also began to reject parts of myself  that I am now wholeheartedly warmly welcoming back. All is always in flow; being genuine, being the fullness of who we really are and who we want to be, is a perpetual spiritual practice that often takes exploring the edges to find our way.  And discovering that within the context of making a living, whether we are working for ourselves or for someone else, is a worthwhile endeavor.

Nurturing authenticity & genuiness:

Nothing is quite as yummy to me as the energy of deep conscious authenticity. It is, I think, maybe the essence of connection to our purest, most real self. In that space, we have the possibility of quite a beautiful sort of connection not only with our self but with all that is around us, including each other.
Deep conscious authenticity requires that we welcome all our parts, all energies of who we are to be present. So I suggest we make space for parts of ourselves that we might have a tendency to reject- our shyness, our quietness, our uncertainty, our passion, truth, unknowing, insecurities, wounds and shadow parts. When we don't make space for them, they actually turn outward into our energy and our lives. Robert Ohotto put it this way in a recent podcast, "If you want to heal, you have to look at the parts of yourself you are rejecting, be willing to include them, and then let go of whatever patterns were managing the way you were rejecting those parts of yourself." (  'Including them' means not rejecting those parts as 'bad', but compassionately observing them and working to understand what is needed. When we pair this with centeredness, a subtle yet profound energetic experience is unveiled that I feel carries a strengthened and deepened quality of presence.  

Consider gazing deeply within yourself and nurturing the sacred ground that is alive within you first and foremost. From there, all else comes forth, including the most beautiful authentic way to present your business, to teach, to conduct a healing session or sell your product. Till the soil of yourself, your inner sacred ground.

In an interview I recently came across, Daniel Villasenor, founder of MogaDao Yoga, says, "...what makes the life meaningful is the sacrifice that does happen behind closed doors, and the part in front of everyone, the part that is the yang part, is beautiful....but the main part is the part that is between you and your god or gods...and that is the hardest part....the 'grinta' of the sacred journey...the real work of what it is to be a spiritual person, which is always about a certain kind of confrontation, a certain kind of deep honesty." Daniel speaks of a return to the roots of spiritual practice, the deep sacred traditions, which is devoid in much of current modern ideals of instant gratification, quick results, and emphasis on the external. [Daniel Villasenor, ]

Along the same lines, I share with you this excerpt from the writings of Meister Eckhart, "People should not worry so much about what they do but rather about what they are. If they and their ways are good, then their deeds are radiant.....for it is not our works which sanctify us, but we who sanctify our is we, in so far as we are holy and possess fulness of being, who sanctify all our works....[we should] worry not so much about what we do or the character of our actions, but we should be concerned rather about their ground." (Selected Writings, pg.7)