Sunday, April 10, 2016

Guided Message April 10th, 2016

There are benevolent forces around you available to support, guide and lend their healing energy and wisdom.

Listen to the audio below for a short 6 minute guided journey to connect with your higher source whatever that may be for you: Source, Guardian Angel, Higher Self, the Divine..etc. Feel free to pause the audio to take more time listening to your higher source. You could even journal, in a question-answer format to receive some valued wisdom and guidance. [Watch for my online series 'Journal with Your Guides, coming this year.]  If you haven't read the last blog post, you might find that helpful as well: Your Many Medicines.

Wishing you a beautiful day!


Monday, April 4, 2016

Your Many Medicines

Knowing your Medicines provides inner and outer resources for physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. An amazing abundance of Medicine is available to us in every moment of every day. Have you ever considered that this planet is a Medicine planet? Let's explore this topic, look at what some of the Medicines are, as well as how to intuit and connect energetically and physically with Medicine that would be beneficial to you right now. I'll also share how I personally use this process in my life and healing work with clients.

Medicine with a capital 'M', refers to everything that truly supports, nurtures and heals. Our Earthly existence is infused with it on every level. One reason I want to talk about this, and invite you to think about and actively retrieve your medicines, is because it empowers you in your own well-being. This is a process you can use everyday and call on between visits to your healer, intuitive, therapist..etc.

This process begins first with an awareness of all the Medicines already at work in your life. 

Medicine can be many things! It is the oxygen we receive from the trees, the waters, the sunlight, the rain, the moon, the color all around us, the herbs, scents, medicine plants, food, breath, meditation, dance, movement, music, poetry, art, creativity, sound healing, sacred geometry, chanting, mudras, yoga, hiking, traveling, dreaming, journaling, hugging, talking, connection with friends, our pets...etc. What Medicines do you already utilize consciously and unconsciously?

We live IN Medicine.
When I bring my awareness to this truth, I feel so deeply grateful for the Medicines all around me and this incredible Earth in which I am a connected living breathing physical part. Most of us are receiving an abundance of Medicine every day.

What Medicine would be useful for you right now?

Whether you'd like to nurture a certain quality, work towards a personal goal, heal an issue or physical challenge, experience more balance or anything else, connecting with the right Medicine can assist you.  Sometimes it takes a little experimentation to find it. That's ok. Just keep paying attention to what works well for you. Think about what may have helped in the past. Maybe, for instance, you used to meditate more regularly and go to yoga twice a week, and you remember how good that felt and the well-being it brought. As you engage in this process you empower yourself, strengthen your relationship with your resources, and expand your apothecary.  Sometimes seeking a professional/practitioners help is just what we need. It's also beneficial to do your own research as well. Consider the Medicine retrieval the intuitive side of your own research.

Medicine Retrieval

If you're not sure what medicine you need,  or want to engage in a deeper intuitive process to gain additional information and guidance, this is a process you can use. People often ask what type of energy medicine I do, and this is a part of it.  I retrieve and channel Medicine for people. I see and feel what's going on in the client's system physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and bring through energy medicine, guidance and suggestions that support.

The process tends to look something like this:
I ask for what would help the client with this certain something that's presented itself. Holding that prayerfully,  I listen, observe, watch, feel, assist with what is coming through for them, and gather intuitive guidance. This has looked like a variety of things, all of which support my intention of benefiting the client's highest well-being on all levels: sacred geometric forms, etheric plant medicines, colors, imagery, psychic surgery, the elements, angels, loved ones on the other side, specific affirmations, and guidance.

Use this process to receive a Medicine for yourself today:

1) What is the issue? What is already known about it?  ( know you tend to get ungrounded and sitting outside by a tree helps.) What is the desired outcome?

2) Can you locate it in a certain area of your body? Are there any body sensations as you think about this issue?

3) Deep Listening- Go into the sensation. What are it's qualities, it's essence? (i.e...constriction?, tension, confusion, scattered, cold, hot, rough, empty, dense, prickly, colorless..etc)

4) Send Love, Prayerfully ask What heals this? What's the antidote? It might help to ask, what's the opposite? Bring your awareness to your higher Self, Source, Spirit, or Guide, and ask again, what would heal this? or What would you suggest or offer as beneficial right now? You can ask more specifically, such as: what color would assist this area of my body? What shape would help me feel more centered? Is there something I need to eliminate from my life, or add? What herb might be beneficial (you can receive that energetically and then research actual physical intake or application)? You can also ask for a Guide, Healer Being, Ascended Master...etc who would be of most assistance and see who comes.

5) Notice what you might feel, see, intuit, know, and instinctually sense. Notice if just your inquiry has brought any shift to what you're giving attention to.

6) Integration- Receive what was given. Breathe it in, feel it in your body and energy field. How can you take what you've received into your life? Are there action steps to take that would integrate this further? How can you bring this into the physical world (i.e....go get that flower essence, wear that color..etc)

Medicine Planet 

Remember that we all also carry Medicine. So honor your particular strengths, abilities and presence! What are your Medicine gifts? Perhaps you bring calm, joy, or comfort to those around you. Maybe you're a kick-ass yoga instructor, gifted artist, wonderful mother, supportive co-worker, or heart centered leader. You have a unique energy signature, and this is also your Medicine...just being you.

As you move through your day today, recognize all the medicines around you. Find it wherever you are. Even if you're in a cubical at a corporate office, the Medicine is there, perhaps in the photo of your loved one on your desk, the plant in the corner, the essential oil in your purse, or a coworkers smile. Notice how it feels to be in the awareness that Medicine is everywhere.

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Healing Relationship

I recently read a great post by marketing expert Tad Hargrave reflecting on his experience with a healing practitioner, and I was actually very surprised to hear of someone interacting with their client in this way. 
I guess despite best intentions, sometimes practitioners forget what it's like for new clients. I remember 20+ years ago when I received my first energy medicine session, I was nervous! I felt vulnerable. I wondered if she could read my mind, and see everything about me. As I continued receiving sessions, these fears faded, we worked together consistently, and she became my first energy medicine teacher. What also popped up for me during these early years of receiving energy medicine and massage, was a concern that my healing practitioner would be negatively effected by my 'bad energy'.  This seems to be a common concern, as I've had a couple of my own clients express this to me. It's important to trust that your healing practitioner knows how to take care of him/her self. We all have 'stuff'. You or any part of you are not 'bad' and whatever moves, clears or shifts during a session is compassionately felt with, cleared and given a place to go. Sometimes this energy is something picked up from your life experience, that can be learned from, healed and shifted. 

I do my best to remember what it's like to be a new client, entering the unknown. I'm conscientious to meet clients where they are at. If it's not part of their belief system or desire to explore their chakras, the energy realm or multidimensional aspects of Being, I respect that and don't go there. However for the most part, this doesn't come up because people who are drawn to work with me usually very much want to engage this way and already are in their lives to small or great degrees.
I remember once I described to an energy medicine client some interesting imagery of 'gold blocks' I was seeing flowing into her solar plexus chakra. I shared some other imagery as well, but mostly had the sense that this particular client just wanted to zone off, sleep and be nurtured. Afterwards, it became clear that the lack of explanation and exploration of what the imagery was conveying, left her feeling that the imagery and the sharing of it was "weird".  I should have at the very least, explained to her that I see clairvoyantly and many times the imagery I see during the energy medicine is like a metaphor and intuitive information about the state of a chakra, the healing energy coming through, or what is needed on some level of her being. Perhaps the gold blocks represented an infusion of her own self worth and empowerment.  This experience reinforced to me, how important it is to communicate more fully with people who are new to this work, so that they might not only feel more comfortable, but also have the opportunity to integrate more depth and meaning from the session. 
We have to remember as practitioners, that clients don't always know how or what to ask, and we need to remember not to assume. But don't also assume they know nothing. Learn where they are at and meet them there. I make this a practice with clients, and in my life in general. I ask. I seek to find out where they are at, so that I'm not telling them something they already know, nor assuming they do know. I find it slightly annoying when someone talks to me in a way that clearly shows they have no idea of my competencies, and I try my best to avoid doing that to others. 
I'm very lucky that for the most part, I've had good experiences with all the healing practitioners and intuitives I've chosen. I can think of maybe 2 not so good experiences. It sometimes helps to check into someone, get a feel, listen to friend's or trusted practitioners recommendations, read any reviews that may be available and be clear about how they work so you know what to expect. For me, I've mostly trusted my gut, as well as looking at their website to get a feel. I've also found that hearing someone's voice gives me a lot of information about their energy and approach. One other thing that I think is very important: Always trust yourself. Never give your power away to a practitioner or psychic. Honorable practitioners and intuitives will support you in honing your own inner skills, honor your freedom of choice, and desire your well-being of body-mind-emotion-spirit. 
Here's my reply and  a link to Tad's very interesting post that I mentioned:
"I agree, it's very important to listen. Practitioners need to understand that if their client doesn't feel 'heard', they will not be as receptive to your information, or whatever your healing modality may be. Part of my practice is bodywork. I AWAYS give attention to the clients primary complaints. When I touch that sore spot or in a sense 'say hello' to those areas early on in the session, their body and psyche immediately relax...the client knows I've heard them, and understand. As practitioners, therapists, coaches, we need to put our 'agenda' aside, and know that healing takes place first with Presence."