Sunday, July 7, 2013

Creativity & Your Level of Confidence

I talk about this a lot, that when you create something a part of your energy is actually in that thing you've created and reflecting yourSelf back to you. Whether you are writing, singing, painting, drawing, making jewelry, dancing, decorating the living room or cooking, the outcome is a creation that is energetically unique to you!

Sometimes we loose track of who we are, what our own energy feels like, what is truly 'us' vs others. Creating can really really help bring you back to center, to your self knowing and even strengthen your own personal energy field.

Now I know what I'm about to say might not hold true to some of you, but I will address that in a minute. I know many of you have created art, or writing or some other form of expression and stepped back and thought, "Wow, I did that? It's pretty cool." This is a powerful experience, one that can boost self confidence (which is why I think art classes for kids is so so so very important!), and even reflect back to you new expanded consciousness of yourSelf and possibly even mystical insights.

For those of you who may be saying, "I try, but I'm just not creative and I never like what I create."  Seeing what we like about our creative work takes practice, and is an act of self acceptance & love. When I paint, I am constantly looking for what's working, what's going on on the canvas that I like, and I build on those things.  If I focused on what I didn't like it would be hard to birth the piece. [Sounds like a Life lesson doesn't it? It is!] Another thing I would say to you, is keep looking for the creative expression that you enjoy. You might not like what you paint, but you might end up loving your pottery, or poetry, or cupcakes.

Take some time this next week to think about your creativity. If you could use a confidence booster, explore creative expression as a means to experience that. If it pleases you, I have several Art Rituals available to guide you, as well as "Create a Vision Pot": You can find those HERE.

You are creative, everyone is a creative being. And just like what you create has a part of your energy in it, you have a part of whatever created you, including the Divine, within you.
 joy & inspiration,