Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meeting the Magic

Life continually brings us opportunities for experience, beauty, connection, learning, and magic. Like the wind meeting the tree, bringing it a new experience of sensation, movement and dance, we too meet with the various elements of life. But sometimes we must do our part to engage with what is brought before us. We have many choices,  many pulls on our time and attention, and so we often must make a slight shift in order to receive what is being given.

This morning there was a beautiful cow in my backyard. It had freed itself from some nearby ranch and was gracefully grazing on our land in the warm golden sunshine. I found out it was there because my cat, Sage, was watching intently out the 2nd story window, instead of coming down for his morning meal.  As the morning progressed, I lost sight of the cow, but knew he was still nearby, given my cat's continued intrigued yet cautious behavior.

I thought about going outside to meet this beautiful creature, but instead I began my routine of checking & answering email. I did not meet the magic of life that was in my own backyard. What if I had gone for a short walk and meet that cow up close, felt his smooth glossy black coat, felt the presence of his gentle eyes looking into mine? I didn't rise up to meet the opportunity life presented to me this morning and so I am left with a 'what if'.

When we push through our routine, our limiting beliefs, our comfort zone, to meet life fully, magic happens. Stepping into the new, the unknown, the unusual, often brings us great unimaginable gifts. Watch for what life is bringing you and engage with life. Reduce the amount of 'what ifs' and you'll increase your joy, creativity, sense of empowerment, confidence, well-being, gratitude and spiritual intuitive connection. I just know it, because this is how I feel each time I listen more deeply, use that little bit of extra will to take that walk, go to that class, or meet that cow in the backyard.

Turns out that cow was rather close. I heard men's voices and the cow ran right past my window! So beautiful. I am thankful for this unusual, magical, beautiful day and I am using it as a reminder to make the most of life's moments, to juice every bit out of every experience, to connect more passionately, fully engage with what is present and meet the magic. For this is the way to fill a life with moments of giving, receiving & be-ing that overflow the heart with thanks & gratitude. ♡

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