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Beth Interviewed by Clestopea Times

 2007 interview by Sumara Love of Celestopea Times
Featured Artist  

Beth Budesheim
By Sumara Love
Passionate Beth Budesheim is an intuitive healer and artist who creates art that uplifts, inspires, and causes one to reflect upon life's journey and beyond.  Through her art Beth endeavors to connect the viewer through color and imagery to the harmonious, positive and beneficial energies that dwell within them and around them.  She makes good use of centrally placed, open objects such as bowls and spirals that invite you to enter deeper into the art, unlock your higher self and explore the possibilities.

Beth, you offer a unique style of art you call “intuitive art,” can you please tell us a little what you do?
My interest is in evolving consciousness, healing, raising vibration, and facilitating peace & awareness. So, my natural inclination as I create anything is for it to become an expression and vehicle for these experiences. To do this my process involves an openness to intuition, present moment inspiration and letting go for Spirit to channel through me. I also offer personal intuitive art commissions. For a personal commission, I bring through imagery, colors, symbols and visual information uniquely for the person who has commissioned the piece. I believe art is healing for the person and the space in which it is placed.
Can you tell us more about the healing quality of art?
Everything has a vibration and effect in body, mind & spirit. I encourage people to adorn their home with things that bring a beneficial feeling. When you view a painting, it's vibration, (which is the result of the artist's intent, energy, the colors, shapes and imagery) it can positively effect yours and the space in which it's placed. My hope is for my work to radiate positive vibration raising energy. To accomplish this I not only practice painting in an open intuitive prayerful and joyful way but I nurture my Self, my energy field and tend to my own inner garden.
Have you had any formal training?
I have a BFA in Painting from the University of Kansas. However, before I transferred from pursuing a Biology degree to an Art degree, I received a book from my brother. That book was Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. I've always recommended it. I also have various certifications and personal study in the health field, bodywork, energy healing, quantum theory, and other healing modalities)

How did your art evolve to what it is today? What was your process?
Early on in my art making, concepts & sixth sensory experiences became my driving force. My art journal is mostly filled with notes from inner journeys and ideas with a little sketch here & there. I am inspired by my personal experiences with energy and non-physical reality, spiritual philosophy, quantum theory, and shamanism. My early work portrayed these quite literally. I would paint a human figure with aspects of the energy field portrayed in light moving through and outward from the body. I still include this at times, especially in intuitive portrait commissions but these days I am exploring the whole piece as the light energy. So, the energy is no longer a light within the painting but is the whole painting itself. LIGHT is one of my favorite mediums. When I apply a color, I feel it as healing light.
How else do you use your art for healing?
Besides what I have mentioned above, I also create pieces specifically for certain healing intents. These are the Healing Attunement Mandalas. Each mandala is a channeled image of colors, symbols and light vibration for experience & integration of such gifts as self love, happiness, abundance, inner knowing, purification...etc

Besides painting you also do sculpture; can you tell us a little bit about what you do as a sculptist?
A few weeks ago I was feeling like I needed some more fun & joy in my creative process.  I wanted to try something different.  I'd been drawn to clay for many years but had never followed through. So, finally I bought some PaperClay from the art store.  I am a beginner at working with clay, working three dimensionally and I'm loving it! There is something very wonderful about being a beginner and having the freedom to express in a totally new way.  It is fresh and playful.
What or who have been your greatest influences in life, as far as your artistic inclinations go?
The journey of who I am, vibrational medicine, meditation, shamanic journey, Alex Grey, Mara Friedman, quantum physics, intuition, mother nature, Spirit, my dear friends who encourage me, life mentors and everyone who has ever bought a print or painting from me.

I see that you have a passion for helping others, not only with your art but in contributing a percentage of your proceeds to charitable organizations. Can you tell us a little about the organizations that you support and why?
Some of the ways people, (celebrity or not) are helping others is just so inspirational and heart opening for me. A circle of giving & receiving in one's life is very beneficial. I want my heart to stay open. When I give to causes I feel passionate about, I feel good, empowered and connected to humanity. I give to non-profits working for peace, and environmental wellness. Recently I chose 2 organizations to give more to through my Art of Peace project. You can learn more on my website.
What are your goals? Where do you see yourself going in life and where would you like to take your art?
An associate of mine is currently looking into placing my art in hospital rooms and corridors. I am very thrilled with this possibility as an extension of offering art for healing. I am also interested in bringing more awareness for others to incorporate  my art in their homes & office spaces for their well-being, joy and Feng Shui enhancement.

Any last words of advice for all those struggling artists out there?
First I recommend letting go of any belief that an artist must struggle. Purge that archetype from your mind. It's no more difficult for an artist to enjoy success & happiness than for any other person or entrepreneur. I once overheard an artist telling another that it is very hard to get commissions. Well, at least half of my art income over the past 10 years has been through commissions such as murals and intuitive paintings. Don't let someone else determine what is true and possible for you. Allow your interests to guide your creative work, and people & opportunities will enter your life which resonate, motivate and nourish you.

Thank you Beth; that was very well put. Thank for reminding us that we create that which we think and believe. It begins with ourselves and extends out from there. Best of luck to you in everything that you do. May you be forever blessed!
To view more of Beth's beautiful artwork, please visit her website: http://www.paintedjourneys.com

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