Saturday, July 14, 2012

Energy: Expanding Your Intuitive Abilities & Self Knowing

For many years I didn't know that I was so intuitive, clairvoyant, clairsentient, telepathic..etc. As a child, I was not surrounded by anyone who would know of such things. The closest I had were the stories of Jesus and now I understand why I latched on & resonated with the mysticism & healing so readily & easily even as a young child. I spent many a day outside talking to trees, and trying to heal or have an effect on things with my hands & Jesus ya know. He said 'be like me' after all, so I never doubted that I could.

But it wasn't until I began delving into energy healing in my 20's that I came to know myself, that I began to understand myself, connect with others like me, and experience affirmation. Becoming present to my own energy both affirmed and expanded my intuitive abilities and it can for you too.

Tapping into and opening to the realm of energy connects you with the essence of who you are, to the 'communication space' of Spirit, and to the interconnection of all things. So if you want to open & expand your intuition, first open to the realm of energy within & around you. Some ways to do this are:

* Practicing presence - slow down - take a breath
* Meditating- practice being in the 'observer' space
* Relaxing - let go - have fun
* Nurturing your connection & awareness of energy - Chi Gong - Receiving energy medicine
* Imagine -imagination is a doorway to real experience with all that is unseen

Connection & awareness of energy is like stepping into the deeper beauty of this universe and of yourself. When you know yourself in this way, you access your divine being, and it is so beautiful, empowering and affirming. My heart just warms & swells writing this to you, because it is amazingly beautiful and I want so much for you to know it.

PRACTICE EXERCISE: Relax, slow down, breathe, become present. Now imagine that there is a beautiful crystal inside you. Spend 2-3 minutes just imagining. See this beautiful crystal, radiating with light. Allow it's beauty to expand within you. What color(s) do you see? Just observe, enjoy, receive and acknowledge that this beauty is you.

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