Sunday, August 19, 2012

Access Your Inner Power

Your true power is a place of great wisdom. When this place is nurtured and accessed you might find yourself:

*feeling clearer & stronger
*making healthier choices
*experiencing more ease in relationships
*finding smoother resolution to a challenging situation
*embodying your leadership qualities
*feeling greater respect from others

Those who really understand their power and are in good relationship with it, treat it gently with care, and as much as possible, utilize their energy/actions/words with focus, clarity and wise precision. When inner power is accessed and utilized in this manner it can be very healing for self and others. It is one of the qualities of good leader, some others are: courage, will power, humbleness, compassion, patience, decisiveness, consideration of the whole, strength, flexibility, creativity...etc.


1. Slow down ~ stop ~ pause: this may require you to be with the unknown, with a place of vulnerability and let go of trying to resolve something at the moment. This is a crucial step though. Some good ways to slow down and pause are: becoming physically still, meditating, taking a few breaths.

2. Notice where you may be feeling fear, anger or anxiety and take some time to breathe your presence and compassion to that place.

3. Let go of control and attachment to outcomes: This can be hard when you really want something to go a certain way and perhaps even fear what may happen if it goes differently. But when you let go you come into your power where you find that place within you that knows that no matter the outcome you will always be ok and find your way. In this space you will find you deal with whatever/whoever in a much clearer way.

4. Feel your Heart: send love & compassion to yourself, to the situation and all involved.

5. Do you feel more solid and empowered after steps 1-4? If not, keep repeating them. If so, now visualize how you might handle XYZ...whatever situation/relationship/part of yourself or your life that needs some healing that the space of your authentic inner power can bring.

Would love to hear how this process help you with something in your life! Comments welcome below.

Big blessings & lots of love to you,

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