Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Feeling Your Way

The photo doesn't do it justice, but this is the view from my new apartment. Pretty cool huh? The mountains are incredible. I moved here in late May from a place that was 45 minutes from the grocery store, friends, fun and other necessities. Though there were things I loved about the country, it is good to be back near town (yep, might not look like it but this 10 minutes from the heart of Santa Fe. Ahh..New Mexico :-))

Sometimes we have to try something out to feel our way along the path. This holds true for where to live, relationships, work, career, foods to eat..etc. I think I've done quite a bit of 'feeling my way' so far in this lifetime. How about you? What compassion can you bring to yourself and recent experiences as you look at it this way?  Let's embrace ourselves with compassion, right here, right now, for the courage it's taken to feel our way through this life so far. What has personally happened that is still sitting within you, in your emotional/mental/physical body that could use some inward turned compassion/forgiveness/understanding, patience?

I commend the courage of you & your heart. Keep feeling your way. I wish you peace, many joys, big love & magic woven into each step along your path. Remember to notice them, intentionally look for them, & breathe them in. xo

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